It was Sonika’s first and foremost love and passion for Yoga and as a yoga teacher, which led her on her journey to become a Civil Marriage Celebrant.

Sonika brings with her yoga’s universal teachings of ‘oneness and unity’ which helps to provide an open and loving space for those couples and their families and friends, wishing to experience the universal and sacred commitment of marriage and love.

“By working personally with individuals through the teachings of yoga I have gained an amazing insight into the human spirit and heart. I have seen that when people are allowed to express themselves openly and freely they are able to set themselves free of their own emotional and physicals blockages which opens the doors to joy, happiness and inner peace. It is this freedom of expression that I believe, creates that willingness for couples to delve deeper into their hearts allowing them to express their innermost feelings to each other which is the heart of every ceremony.”

Creating a ‘sacred space’ sets the tone and atmosphere, and it is Sonika’s belief that this is one of the most important aspects to any ceremony. A space where you feel supported and confident to express yourself openly and from the heart.

Sonika’s openness to all cultural and spiritual traditions and beliefs knows that there are many ways to express love and doesn’t discriminate against anyone or race. “Your love for each other should be a time of joy and celebration!”