Sonika will go to all efforts and lengths to work with you in helping to design your ‘perfect’ ceremony, providing you with a selection of poems, blessings, readings and rituals. From the moment that you meet her she will support you through any difficulties you may be experiencing designing your wedding, to preparing all legal documents and certificates.

Whether you are getting married for the first time, re newing your vows as a married couple or celebrating your love with a commitment ceremony, Sonika knows that there are many ways with words, traditions and rituals that this love and commitment can be expressed. From a simple ceremony of 2 – 4 people to one that involves 200!

‘My commitment is to help design and create a ceremony that is as individual and personal to each couple, and to help bring their dreams of their perfect day to a reality!”

I will provide you with…

  • A sample wedding ceremony in which you can change or alter to accommodate your personal wishes and beliefs
  • A selection of Poems, Blessings, Readings and Rituals to help enrich your ceremony
  • Constant support throughout the process of designing your ceremony via meetings, phone calls and emails
  • Guide and provide you through all legal documents and certificates
  • A P.A. system for outdoor ceremonies
  • A signing table and chairs if needed
  • A rehearsal of the ceremony
  • Organising guests and families on the day of your ceremony


Wedding Ceremony

This involves the legal union of two people to the exclusion of all others under Australian law. In order to legalise the wedding the following will need to be done…

  • The Notice of Intended Marriage is to be filled out and witnessed by your Celebrant no later than one month prior to the Ceremony.
  • The Providing of Proof of Identification in the form of Passports, Birth Certificates and another form of Photo ID, such as a Drivers Licence by the couple wishing to be married.
  • The Declaration of No Legal Impediment Form needs to be signed by the couple and witnessed by your Celebrant.
  • Proof of Divorce or Death of a Spouse – if applicable

On the wedding day the following will need to be signed and witnessed by two individuals who are over the age of 18…..

  • The Certificate of Marriage Form 15.  This is presented to the couple
  • The Official Certificate of Marriage which is sent to the NSW BDM for registration purposes.
  • The Second Official Marriage Certificate which the Celebrant keeps.  This is usually the Marriage Registrar.

Naming Ceremony

A Naming Ceremony is a wonderful way to celebrate the ‘Birth’ of a new child into the world surrounded by the love of family and friends. Having a ceremony for this kind of occasion is powerful way to strengthen the love and bond between a new family. In this ceremony I ask parents to officially name their child along with the asking of Godparents or Guardians to support the emotional wellbeing of the child. Many families also include Rituals and Blessings is enhance the Naming Ceremony which I can provide you with. It is a very heartfelt and joyful experience, and one that I would recommend to all new parents. I have had the privilege of Marrying couples and coming back to perform a Naming Ceremony for their little treasure which I find personally as an honor to see the growth and connection between new families.

Re newel of Vows

Whether you have been married for 20 years or just one year. It is never too early or too late to experience a Re newel of Vows Ceremony. It is a wonderful way to express your love for each other once again in a ritualistic way. Acknowledging the time you have shared together as a couple and writing new vows to solidify the continuation of your future together. Creating ‘New Beginnings’ with one another. I will provide you with a Sample Ceremony for you to work with as well as give you ideas for Blessings, Rituals and Poems to enhance your Ceremony. Some couples like to surprise the other on their Wedding Anniversary as a way to express their love for the other. It can be a very powerful and moving experience. It is a beautiful way to acknowledge family members and friends who have also supported your love and marriage along your journey together.

Commitment Ceremony

This kind of Ceremony particularly appeals to couples who don’t want to go through the legalities of Marriage but would still like to celebrate their love and commitment to each other. Just like a Wedding Ceremony I will provide you with a Sample Ceremony for you to work with as well as a Certificate and Poems, Readings, Blessings and Rituals for you to choose from should you wish to include these in your Ceremony. Here, you are committing to be ‘Life Partners’ to one another in front of your family and friends, or simply in a very private and intimate way. As there are no legal requirements for this kind of Ceremony there is no need to have any witnesses. You can have as much creative freedom as you like!